Thursday, January 31, 2013


In continuation of our discourse of last post, I wish to submit that many people are really afraid of the concept and practice of Network Marketing. This is not supposed to be so. In fact, in my opinion, network marketing home based business opportunity should be embraced. However, in this post I will briefly describe the fear based on individual personality scenario.

The success or failure of a person in networking business as I postulated in the previous post could result from an individual actions or inaction on one part, and the company being represented on the other part. Let us discuss the impact on individual part in this post first. To succeed in the business of network marketing and individual must balance the following elements of success positively and realistically:
  1. Understand what you are going into and determine to excel in the business. Many people do not take time to study what it takes to succeed in any business. Network marketing is not an exemption. It is imperative to take the time to examine and analyze what it will take to succeed in this business. Otherwise, with a little challenge, one will be disillusioned and quit.One of the most common early challenge of a networker is the fear of rejection. However, rejection is part of the game plan of success in networking. It should not be feared but recognized and it ought to strengthen ones resolve to succeed.
  2. Do not just follow the crowd: Base your aspiration on a solid desire to be a winner. Some people just follow the crowd without proper perception on what it takes to succeed. Maybe because somebody was seen to have made it in networking business and without bothering to analyze the person's success factor, and what to learn in order  to achieve success.
  3. Understanding your WHY. A networker must have a strong why. Understanding your why is one of the reason that will keep you going even when the terrain is tough. Persistence and strong desire for success is an element of winning a battle in Network Marketing. Is your why based on having a home based business that will enable you to have more time with your family? Is your why based on the need to be financially independent and free from poverty and penury?  Is your why based on getting out of paid employment with its attendant problems? A strong WHY keeps one going to navigate the storming sea of success.
I will like to end this post by quoting some of the writings of one of my mentor-John Di- Lemme: ''The industry of Network Marketing will allow you to achieve all of your goals, dreams and desires. There is no limit to your income, and financial freedom can be attained in two to five years. is it easy? No. You must become a success-driven entrepreneur, surround yourself with champions and flood your spirit daily with positive personal self-development and motivation. You will pay the price for your success by handling objections, dealing with rejection and facing failures. The key is to never give up and continue to forge ahead towards your ultimate ''Why'' in life.'' 

Are you still fearing Network Marketing business model? Remember somebody's definition of fear....FEAR....False Expectation Appearing Real. The sacred word said you are not given the spirit of fear, so have no fear, be courageous and victory is close by.

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