About Julius Ipoola

Julius Ipoola is an amiable and energetic guy from Nigeria- Africa's most populous nation. He is a teacher, marketer, business coach and networker. He believes strongly in search for knowledge through education and derives joy in sharing his experience and thoughts as a blogger.

He loves to write poems when motivated as a hobby and periodically partake in drama acting productions. Julius Ipoola worked in the corporate world as a Marketing Executive for some FMCG companies in Nigeria for about twenty four years before finally volunteered to go full time as a networker, blogger and online internet marketer.

Some of his other websites include the following: http://www.online-internetwealth.com, http://mypoeticworldforgreaternaija.blogspot.com. http://networkbusinesstoday.blogspot.com, and: http://www.affiliatemarketingreviews.org/. 

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