Thursday, January 31, 2013


In continuation of our discourse of last post, I wish to submit that many people are really afraid of the concept and practice of Network Marketing. This is not supposed to be so. In fact, in my opinion, network marketing home based business opportunity should be embraced. However, in this post I will briefly describe the fear based on individual personality scenario.

The success or failure of a person in networking business as I postulated in the previous post could result from an individual actions or inaction on one part, and the company being represented on the other part. Let us discuss the impact on individual part in this post first. To succeed in the business of network marketing and individual must balance the following elements of success positively and realistically:
  1. Understand what you are going into and determine to excel in the business. Many people do not take time to study what it takes to succeed in any business. Network marketing is not an exemption. It is imperative to take the time to examine and analyze what it will take to succeed in this business. Otherwise, with a little challenge, one will be disillusioned and quit.One of the most common early challenge of a networker is the fear of rejection. However, rejection is part of the game plan of success in networking. It should not be feared but recognized and it ought to strengthen ones resolve to succeed.
  2. Do not just follow the crowd: Base your aspiration on a solid desire to be a winner. Some people just follow the crowd without proper perception on what it takes to succeed. Maybe because somebody was seen to have made it in networking business and without bothering to analyze the person's success factor, and what to learn in order  to achieve success.
  3. Understanding your WHY. A networker must have a strong why. Understanding your why is one of the reason that will keep you going even when the terrain is tough. Persistence and strong desire for success is an element of winning a battle in Network Marketing. Is your why based on having a home based business that will enable you to have more time with your family? Is your why based on the need to be financially independent and free from poverty and penury?  Is your why based on getting out of paid employment with its attendant problems? A strong WHY keeps one going to navigate the storming sea of success.
I will like to end this post by quoting some of the writings of one of my mentor-John Di- Lemme: ''The industry of Network Marketing will allow you to achieve all of your goals, dreams and desires. There is no limit to your income, and financial freedom can be attained in two to five years. is it easy? No. You must become a success-driven entrepreneur, surround yourself with champions and flood your spirit daily with positive personal self-development and motivation. You will pay the price for your success by handling objections, dealing with rejection and facing failures. The key is to never give up and continue to forge ahead towards your ultimate ''Why'' in life.'' 

Are you still fearing Network Marketing business model? Remember somebody's definition of fear....FEAR....False Expectation Appearing Real. The sacred word said you are not given the spirit of fear, so have no fear, be courageous and victory is close by.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


A wise saying says 'The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom'. Whether you are a believer or an atheist, a careful observation of your environment will reveal that some other powerful force operate the world of creation.

My first stint with Network Marketing business was in year 2005, I was working in Aba (Abia State of Nigeria). I joined a network marketing company making waves at the time and just thought it is easy free roller coaster to wealth. My job did not allow me to attend opportunity meetings regularly or I did not really deeply appreciate the importance of attending Business Meetings then. What is the result? Negative impact. Lack of focus. In Network Marketing, what you sow is what you will reap.

Who is fearing Network Marketing business system today? The truth is that MANY people do.
However, I have observed the response of three great world personalities speaking on Network marketing business model in resent past. Robert Kiyosaki, Bill Gate and Donald Trump at different periods in recent past expressed the opinion that given the opportunity to start their business all-over again, they will start with network marketing.  What are these stupendously rich Americans seeing that we are not noticing?

The fact is that network marketing is a great business system that can make a person live the life of his or her dreams. However, a great price has to be paid. The price of Focus, Determination, Creativity, Skill acquisition, desire and many other essential success factors.   How come only 3% to5% success rate is mostly recorded for people that venture into Network Marketing? Why is the success rate so low? Won't people get afraid of this statistics too?

Answers to the above posers will be made in subsequent posts. However, the cause are multidimensional. Some originates from the personality venturing into the networking business, others have to do with the company being partnered with. I will delve more on this in the next post. Watch Out!   

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Excellence In Network Marketing- 6 Tips of Success

 It is possible to achieve excellence in Network Marketing. However, to succeed in any endeavor, certain course of actions should be taken. Nothing good comes from inaction. Network marketing is not an exception. What you sow in multilevel marketing is definitely going to be reaped.

Here are SIX TIPS of success if you want to achieve excellence in your network marketing home based business:
  1.   Set Short-Term and Long-Term Goals.
     Goals are your aims. What you desire to achieve within a specific period of time. You must therefore set a specific and clear goal. Short term goals are usually between 30-90days up to 18-24months. Short term goals will motivate you to take timely, periodic and prompt actions now to turbo-charge your networking business. Long term goals (2-5 years) will help you to stay on track and not get down if something goes wrong.
    2.    Belief you CAN.
     In network marketing business, no serious progress can be achieved without a strong belief in yourself. Belief you can achieve success and feed your mind with positive thoughts of a winning mindset and you will see that the CAN do spirit will make your success route short to attain.

    3.    Work The Plan.
     Have a plan that is congruent with your goals and have the work ethics to follow through with your plan. Build your plan around personally sponsoring new distributors every week consistently. If your are doing your network marketing business part time, have a plan to sponsor new distributor like one to three weekly and if you are on full time, sponsoring three to five persons per week is a realistic plan.

     4.   Don't Reinvent The Wheel.
       Network Marketing is system driven. Most companies have an existing system that works and as long as you follow it, you will definitely see results.

     5.   Lead By Example: 
 Network marketing is about people. It is about relationship. it is about being a dependable leader in ones network. Therefore, always lead by example. Let your team see you as an able leader. Let them believe in your ability. Lead them with passion, compassion and humility. Be a leader in deed. 

     6. Have Fun and Enjoy The Process.

Network Marketing should be fun despite the challenges being faced on the business model. You must be looking for the good in every situation. For instance, rejection is number one discouraging factors that affect many new network marketers. However, the best way to handle rejection is to stay positive minded. To note that rejection is part of the business realities in network marketing. You should have fun and enjoy the process of network marketing business.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

What Is Network Marketing?

Networking is People Business.

It has been stated that 'word of mouth' is the best form of advertisement. All sales and marketing management professionals agree to its truism. How do we then define network marketing?

I will love to define Network Marketing as the orderly word-of-mouth distribution of products and services directly from the producer to the consumer.

However, as the products or services are purchased, the distributors responsible for those orders are compensated through multilevel in their organization. Hence it is also referred to as Multilevel Marketing. Network marketing is a business model being adopted by organizations as a means of reaching the target market envisaged by the company or organization. It is however based on the fact that budgets for advertisement and ancillary expense that could be channeled into the normal chains of distribution is shared to the independent distributor who generate more sales or leads into the system. In network marketing, the success of the independent distributor is contributory to the over-all success of the company.

More information on Network marketing model will be shared in subsequent posts.