Tuesday, March 12, 2013


A prospect can be described as 'likely customer'. A customer who may be interested in buying something. In Network Marketing parlance, the art of prospecting is a core value of the success of a networker. It is one of the functions of a network marketer to invite more people into the network. Prospecting is a critical factor of which the success or otherwise of a networker is based upon. If you are successful at prospecting, your network will definitely grow, on the other hand, if somebody is deficient at working hard towards prospecting, the result is a deficient networking reality. 

Many people are scary of introducing someone to a company's product line or opportunity. It is understandable also that most new network marketers will have some apprehensions about introducing the business to other people. However, with practice, these apprehensions are put to the background. Practice definitely will help to increase your confidence level and every prospecting conversation can be an improvement over the last one. The beginning fears will soon dissolve into the comfort of a normal routine as one progresses in the art of prospecting.

Prospecting Sources:
Traditional prospecting method teaches us to start prospecting through our 'warm market' or our circle of influence. This includes family, friends, acquaintances,  associates and business contacts. Basically, anyone you know or know of. This methods recommends making a list of these names and then present the opportunity of your networking business to them.

http://www.spotwriters.com Another technique to create a list of prospects is to use a 'memory jogger' like the yellow pages. You can think in term of occupations and affiliations. For example, lists that include professional acquaintances , business sources, former school classmates, clubs, church groups, networking groups and all other organizations where people come together in community. However, the drawback to this approach is that until you have proven yourself successful in this business, it is often uncomfortable or distasteful to 'hound' friends and relatives.

Some more prospecting methods will be shared in the next post. Happy Day!
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