Friday, January 11, 2019


Understanding Principle of Leverage Through Network Marketing Business System

Happy New Year to all lovers of my Blog.
Network Marketing Business System had come of age despite challenges here and there over years. Every concept that will last will have its own share of initial challenges.
What makes Network Marketing Business Concept such a phenomena
Watch this Business Concept and understand the principle of leverage that makes Network Marketing business system one of the highest and lucrative business in the world for those that are ready to pay the price at the initial stage and thereafter.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Seven Figure Golden Income - How to Earn Big on Gold Investment Opportunity

Many times we think of the right investment to go into. Research had revealed that over ninety percent of businesses established do not survive fifth year anniversary. This is scary and intimidating.

Despite the challenges above, do you know that investment in precious metal like gold had been able to withstand the vagaries of challenges over the years? One way to ensure that your intended business plan becomes a success is to look at the opportunity of investing in gold. Currency devalues over time but gold always appreciate in value over time. Gold is actually inertial to inflation. It is a precious metal that is scarce. It is not subject to direct control by any government and an awesome investment to add to your financial portfolio.

There is a company that has taken Gold investment to the next level. Swissgolden company introduced the Bonus Programme as a simple and enticing way for an average person to become a business owner in Gold. The company encourages clients to pay 10% of the gold bullion desired according to the contract table chosen and such client will be rewarded with 100% Gold in three instalments on the condition that the client fulfil basic requirement to introduce two partners who will do the same to close a 7 - celled table. Awesome compensation for little effort of networking.

Investment in Gold is a surefire way to add more cash flow into your pocket.

Just start to profit from the lucrative gold market today using Swissgolden investment bonus programme option.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How To Make Money Through Investment In Gold Bullion -Alternative Route To Financial Independence Revealed!

In today's economy, many households are finding it hard to make ends meet. A lot of forces are contending with the income of the family.

Many countries are in recession or close to it. Purchasing power is eroded because the money value is reducing in power. Many households are finding it hard to have basic necessities of life. There is global food security challenge and citizens from African countries are the worst hit in these negative economic phenomenon. What could be a reliable way out?

Do you know that the value of your country's currency ten years ago is stronger than today? Have you taken a thought of why it is so? The economists have been expressing the age long postulations on time value of money. The currency is volatile and depreciate in value over time.

In the past, the currency is used to be backed by Gold. However since early 70s, this had been removed and artificial creation of money has always eroded the power of the currency to depreciate in value over time. However, Gold which is a precious metal has always been maintaining greater value.

Do you know that investment in Gold bullion is a sure way to keep the value of your money? Do you know that Gold has many benefits over conventional currency as far as investment is concerned? Do you know that as at 1935, 3kg of Gold is worth $3500, but today, the same 3kg of Gold is worth more than $180,000? This means, why the value of dollar is dropping over the years the value of Gold continue to get higher and higher.

Investment in Gold bullion today is a surefire way to hedge against depreciation, devaluation and inflation.

Saturday, January 16, 2016





The time for Self-Protection Technology has finally come. A breakthrough in the control of communicable diseases, protecting individuals round the clock.

Japanese Technology Years of research paid off with this amazing product which produces a shield of protection disintegrating unwanted particles. Protects what matters most keeping our health intact assures our optimum productivity and the safety of those we love, priceless. Wearable and Fashionable. The unique design allows anyone to wear iPROTECT 24/7 anytime and anywhere.

Thermal Relief Patch

Pain affects everyone, some more than others. But when it strikes, it affects our way of life… NOT ANY MORE! Korean Technology. The patch is infused with ingredients used in Korea for many centuries to relieve pain.
All Natural. No synthetic substances were used in this great alternative to mainstream medicine. All natural, no side effects, just immediate soothing heat. Everyday CARE
Whenever you feel musculoskeletal pain, you can use these thermal patches, even everyday! Pain away!

For further information and how to get these amazing products online, send a message HERE.

Health is Wealth. 

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Networking Success Tips

Play European Roulette

Network Marketing Business model has made many people achieve great success in life. Many had phenomenon success while others manage to have limited level of success. Let me share some success tips on how to be successful in your Networking business. 4 Keys To Success In Network Marketing. 1. Have a full Perspective: This is understanding completely of what Network marketing is and what it can potentially do for you. Be sure to understand the basic knowledge of what an MLM business can be. 2. Have one Goal in mind. Goals will keep you motivated to do what is necessary to make your networking business a great success. 3.Positive Attitude: This will affect your daily activities. A positive attitude will keep you focused. 4.Be Persistent. Lack of persistence will lead to failure in this business.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Is Network Marketing All About Selling Products? Facts That Will Surprise Your Belief.

Many people regard Network Marketing business model as a Selling business. In my interactions with people when you are showing the opportunity to a prospect, the first line of objection is usually " me? I cannot sell products or peddle products around please". Sales function is part of the business of Network Marketing but is it the ultimate passport to success? Is Network Marketing all about selling products? I will like to answer this poser by quoting a mentor of mine who I love for his writings and publications on how we can become successful in life through Financial Literacy. The world acclaimed author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad and many other best selling books- Robert Kiyosaki. Is Network Marketing All About Selling and Earning Income? I will like to quote the response as elucidated in Kiyosaki Book- Business Of The 21st Century. "

Network Marketing is not about selling products or earning income". "The biggest popular misconception about network marketing is that it is a selling business. But selling is just earning more income. The problem is, if you stop the activity, the income stops". "Selling is not going to build your wealth or your freedom". " People often assume that being successful in this business means being "great at sales." But the point of network marketing is not to become great at selling your product or network marketing, the whole point is not to sell a product but to build a network, an army of people who are all representing that same product or service to share with others". "The goal is not for you or any other individual to sell a lot of products; it is for a lot of people to be their own best customer, sell and service a reasonable number of customers, and recruit and show a lot of other people how to do the same thing". And here is the reason why you want to build that army of independent representatives: Once you do, you know what you will have? An asset that generates income for you known as Passive Income". " Network Marketing is not about earning more income, it is about building an asset".

 Above is from the super experts in Financial Literacy knowledge. Network marketing is not about selling. It is about a system that builds you a leverage so that you gain from the efforts of others. The aim is to build a large army of independent representatives and do everything possible to make them successful which by so doing, your little efforts will generate multiple benefits year in year out. Happy Networking!