Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What Is A Network? Who Is A Networker?

A network has been described in different ways to bring out its meanings. It is a system. A pattern or system that looks like a series of branching or interconnecting lines. It has also been described as a network of people or things ;  a large and widely distributed group of people or things such as stores, colleges, or churches that communicate with one another and work together as a unit or system.In short, a network deals with interrelationship, it is interdependent and interactivity.

A networker on the other hand can be described as someone who networks, who believes that nobody is an island, a networker understands the importance of inter-connectivity and inter-relationships embedded in multi-level marketing model and ensures the chain of progress is kept strong and functional.

Networking has been described as the practice of gathering of contacts. It is a process or practice of building up or maintaining informal relationships, especially with people whose friendship could bring advantages such as job or business opportunities.

Multi-level marketing is also interchangeably referred to as Network Marketing. It is a system of marketing whereby an independent distributor is used to get the product to the consumers. Actually, bonuses are paid to the distributor from purchases made and the purchases of the people they directly or indirectly refer to the company.

In Network marketing, there is usually independent distributor between the company and the consumers. in addition, the independent distributors promote the product of the company and are compensated with a specific percentage value on every product sold by the company. For example, when you refer somebody who becomes an independent distributor, every time he or she buys a product from the company, either for  personal use or for selling, the company compensates you for the efforts you put into making that person a distributor. However, as your network grows deep, the compensation or bonus becomes very significant because you are compensated based on the performance of yourself and the performance of other people you brought to the company. You are thus referred to as their sponsor or Upline and those you brought into the networking system are regarded as your downlines. With network marketing model, the key to financial and economic freedom is just a click away.