Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How To Make Money Through Investment In Gold Bullion -Alternative Route To Financial Independence Revealed!

In today's economy, many households are finding it hard to make ends meet. A lot of forces are contending with the income of the family.

Many countries are in recession or close to it. Purchasing power is eroded because the money value is reducing in power. Many households are finding it hard to have basic necessities of life. There is global food security challenge and citizens from African countries are the worst hit in these negative economic phenomenon. What could be a reliable way out?

Do you know that the value of your country's currency ten years ago is stronger than today? Have you taken a thought of why it is so? The economists have been expressing the age long postulations on time value of money. The currency is volatile and depreciate in value over time.

In the past, the currency is used to be backed by Gold. However since early 70s, this had been removed and artificial creation of money has always eroded the power of the currency to depreciate in value over time. However, Gold which is a precious metal has always been maintaining greater value.

Do you know that investment in Gold bullion is a sure way to keep the value of your money? Do you know that Gold has many benefits over conventional currency as far as investment is concerned? Do you know that as at 1935, 3kg of Gold is worth $3500, but today, the same 3kg of Gold is worth more than $180,000? This means, why the value of dollar is dropping over the years the value of Gold continue to get higher and higher.

Investment in Gold bullion today is a surefire way to hedge against depreciation, devaluation and inflation.